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Fly Tying Competition – the Guild holds a national, annual fly tying competition, with different categories to allow for different levels of competency across our membership. Beginning Fly Tying Series Part 3 now available! With step by step instructions and a YouTube video for that months pattern." Entries must be received by 5.00pm Tuesday 17th March 2020 as stated in Flydresser magazine Summer 2019 edition. Guild Fly Tying Awards Scheme – The Guild Awards Scheme is an opportunity for members to develop and test their fly tying abilities against a national standard at their own pace and ultimately receive a recognised award. Our goal is to advance the art of fly tying within the Fly Fishers International, the angling community in general, and for fly tiers internationally. Membership Type: Membership Notes: Price: Order: Family two or more: Includes partner & children under 18: $25.00: order: Junior: under 18 years old: $10.00: order: Senior: 65 + and Includes partner: $15.00: order: Life: Includes Partner: $500.00: order: Adult Single: 18 to 64: $20.00: order Club members get together once a month to practice fly tying techniques and to tie a selected fly of the month which suits the fishing for the region’s rivers and lakes for the time of year. The patterns we do every month for the tying boxes have been awesome." Membership requires that you are a member in good standing with both SFF and FFI. Our fly tying materials come from some of the best brands in the industry, including Hareline, Danville, Flymen Fishing, Wapsi, Whiting Farms and more. We have a lot to offer the novice and seasoned fly-fisher. Branches operate separately from the main Guild and organise their own programmes, tailored to the interests of their members. Some of the benefits of DCFF membership include: our monthly newsletter; eligible for club sponsored trips; fly casting instruction; fly tying classes; fly fishing instruction (on and off the water) rod building classes; eligible for special members-only events; discounted fly … Save your favorite patterns so you can find them easily. Lastly, if you are an experienced tyer who feels you’ve learned as much as you need for your purposes, how about joining the Guild to share your skills with other tyers, contribute material for the website and the Flydresser magazine, become an instructor or assesor for the Guild Fly Tying Awards Scheme, or help out at our shows and demonstrations? There may be a pre-meeting educational program such as a fly tying demonstration. Trust in our selection of these natural materials. In July, VTT was expanded to members of the Acadiana Fly … is creating Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Videos. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. Love the quality of the flies and materials. Membership boasts some of the best guides in the area who give monthly fishing reports at the meetings. Please include the Ray ID (which is at the bottom of this error page). Access to the Guild’s national network of branches – members of the Guild can join their local branch. Membership Benefits. Retail Discounts and Special Offers – members of the Guild are eligible to receive discounts from Trade Members and other organisations. Oct-Nov – Membership will be £2.00. SFF has a continually growing and diverse membership. Further details can be found on our Guild Awards Scheme page. Our membership promotes the art and skills of fly fishing, fly tying, catch and release, good sport fishing ethics and protection of our environment along with renewable resources. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. with a social half-hour. On the third Tuesday of every month, our club meetings offer programs led by notable experts or knowledgeable club members.

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