origin of names of places in the philippines

Page 107 of the 1973 reprint. In 1962, a skullcap and a portion of a jaw-presumed to be a human origin-were found in the Tabon Caves of Palawan by archaeologist Robert Fox and Manuel Santiago, who both worked for the National Museum. I have not done research on the surname personally; but it is quite common, so a lot of materials exist. I am frazzled trying to look, maybe you can help??? The fact that majority of the people selected Spanish names perhaps reflected the prevalent colonial mentality that a foreign name would make one’s family appear more distinguished. For example, Samuel Clemens' demonym was Mark Twain. definitely not tagalog. hi Ms. Mona! Related Articles. How would you feel if you learned you had a twin, and you were separated at birth? Philippine Teak (Tectona philippinensis) belongs to the Verbenaceae family. Chinese origin? More recent immigrants include Chinese beginning in the ninth century CE and Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth. A post shared by Charles Joseph Yu Verano ?? ( Log Out /  He found his way to the Filipino community of New Orleans and blended in to the area using his mother’s maiden name of Martinez. My great grandmother’s family name is PANINDAGAT it is an Ilonggo word for “sea wondering”. In 1902, an American civil government took over administration of the Philippines, and the three-year Philippine insurrection was declared to be at an end. hi, diane. Cerrudo is very common Spanish name used in the Philippines . Its architecture reflects the coming together of cultural elements from elsewhere in the Philippines, from China and from Europe, resulting in a culture and townscape that have no parallel anywhere in East and South-East Asia. What’s so different now is the vibrant world that inhabits the space behind the beach. And yes, the name was included in the decree. Rizal Shrine. what if surname parane and middle name miot ? Salamat po! I hope you have something for the Joaquin surname. thanks! Online searches aren’t helpful so far. The main characters name is Vincent Dalisay, but I was also leaning toward the name Rizal Balagtas. On first pass, I’m pretty certain you’ve missed Lapitan, Lantican, Mananghaya, Bandian, Tamisin, Alipon, Sumangil, Oca, Pahutan and… I have to check the others. I understand that it means life, but don’t know why there is an “ig” in front of the word. it is very close to the name AVILA, which is derived from the name of a place in spain. By the way, it’s difficult for me t o track my ancestors’ name beyond my paternal/maternal grandparents or great grandparents on the both of my sides. Looking at a copy of the catalog now. I want to know if our surname Caling is a traditional Filipino surname or it came from the word Calinga? Thanks for the notes, Burt! I’m doing my family’s genealogy, and have progressed very far regarding my mother’s side, but am stuck when it comes to Igbuhay. Send me an email if you have corrections or additions to the list below. The name resulted from a misunderstanding among the first Spanish missionaries who reached the place. Can I ask why most of family names living at Pangasinan starts with “Ma”? Zamboanga is the Hispanicized form of “samboangan” — a Sinama (an Austronesian dialect) word for “anchorage,” or literally, “place of mooring poles”. The name Philippines was derived from the Spanish name Filipe or Philip in English, and specifically … :). The Pentalore presents 5 Former Names of the Philippines! Date posted: 19 July 2012. The Philippines is one of the world's largest island countries. It originated in the Basque region of Spain and was also among the surnames in the Claveria catalogue. My husband’s grandmother was a Collantes, and the family name is very common in the southern part of the Luzon island. Thanks po in advance for any help. Directory of Cities, Towns, and Regions in Philippines (Page of tag philippines) Magellan’s crew, mostly Spaniards, spread interest in the islands back in Spain. unfortunately, i do not have the etymology for you. thank you. What about the surname TUMON? Mine is Lindayag, would you be able to get the origin of this? Thank you for the info :) I want to know if CURRIMAO is part of traditional fil. During the expedition of Ruy López de Villalobos to the region, the Spanish sailor Bernardo de la Torre bestowed the name Las Islas Filipinas on the islands of Leyte and Samar, in honor of the then Prince of Asturias (heir to the Spanish throne). Most place names in the Philippines did not take root from chinese languages but from local native languages. I’m surprised both of my parents’ names weren’t existed in Claveria Decree. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila. I just discovered this was my grandfather’s name before they changed our name to “Agan” when he became a citizen. The above mentioned roster is NOT comprehensive. It’s difficult for a place as beautiful as El Nido to not top a list like this. There’s a big Omega clan in Leyte. :). I have yet to meet someone with that surname although it is the name of one of the major cities near the southern tip of the Philippines. He came to New Orleans in 1930. i hope you could help me. how about mag-aso? Hi Richard. More power, Thanks for the kind words, Vicki! Did the Claveria edict included a bit of french in the surnames they disseminated? Hi William. Thanks for letting me know what it means and where it originated from. It is actually the first time I heard of that last name. FANGON is included. However during the pre-colonization period, people from the foreign lands barely know anything about this magnificent archipelago, yet alone its name. Hi! Wow, you have a great surname — it is also the first time I have heard of a Filipino family with that apellido. This is an incomplete list of the most common surnames in the Philippines, based on a partial count of registered births in 2016. In behalf of my significant other, I want to ask if do you have any information of the surname Tomboc? Hi Yva. This resistance to Western intrusion makes this story an important part of the nationalist history of the Philippines. It happened gradually and it began with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, in 1521. [18] Human trafficking is a problem in the Philippines. The History of Pancit: The Beginnings and Becomings of this “Long Life” Noodle. Erupted within historical times (within the last 600 years), accounts of these eruptions were documented by man erupted within the last 10,000 years based on the analyses of material from young volcanic deposits. perhaps, you have an ancestor whose livelihood centered on poulty? Watch this space for updates. All I know is that it’s Spanish of the first name Joachim. That applies to names of places as well. Date accessed:  19 Sep 2010. Hi Miss Mona! He was from Cebu. Other than that, I really have no knowledge regarding my surname. i wonder where it came from and what is the meaning of it. 2  “Decree of 21 November 1849“. Many historians have claimed that the Philippines peacefully 'accepted' Spanish rule; the reality is that many insurgencies and rebellions continued on small scales in different places through the Hispanic colonial period. the minute spelling difference does not change the meaning. thanks ms. mona, Hi Lito. I’m surprised my family name Caacbay existed since the Spanish occupation… and the number of Caacbays in the Caacbay Facebook page was also a surprise to me. Standing on Boracay’s White Beach in the early 1970s you’d have experienced the same fine white sand and views out to sea as you do today. Today the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,000 islands. Hi, Eddie. Thank you and God speed. Hi Mona, The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands in the South China, Philippine, Sulu, and Celebes Seas, along with the Luzon Strait. Your ancestors may have acquired the name either through inheritance or adoption. Prior to the country’s current name, both the Spanish and the Chinese have their own terms to refer to this group of islands situated below the South China Sea. Here are some ideas on preserving your stories for the next generation. :D, Thank you Ms. Mona for sharing your research… as it started my curiosity to the true origin of my ancestors.. Can you tell me if this is truly a filipino name? It is Spanish and was adopted in the Philippines after the Claveria decree of 1849. Hi, Jun. People first reached the Philippines about 30,000 years ago, when the first people immigrated from Sumatra and Borneo via boats or land-bridges. POLOYAPOY would definitely be unique to the philippines; but i would have to research to find the etymology. The Early Philippines. Early History: The Philippine archipelago was settled at least 30,000 years ago, when migrations from the Indonesian archipelago and elsewhere are believed to have occurred. http://www.olek.waw.pl/inne/1357/Wilson78.pdf, http://www.geni.com/projects/Katigbak-Family-of-the-Philippines/3060, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garc%C3%ADa_(surname), https://www.facebook.com/groups/446415928712711/, https://joyfullplace.wordpress.com/2020/08/31/traditional-filipino-family-names/, Traditional Filipino Surnames | Angkang Pilipino – University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Sacramento & Vicinities. ¹ Names are capitalized because they are acronyms, containing the names of the constituent provinces or cities. My grandfather’s name is FOS but we’re not sure about his father. Hi. :). My family name is Querimit.Thank you. What’s so different now is the vibrant world that inhabits the space behind the beach. I can help with the Tagalog definitions. Srivijaya was a city-state on the island of Sumatra and a center of Buddhist learning that flourished roughly from 700 to 1100 AD. Hi Mona. Thank you! It was adopted by many unrelated families all over the archipelago. Ask the Community: Finding Your Ancestors' Town in Philippines [edit | edit source] Genealogical … It is possible that your 2xGGPs were peninsulares or insulares; but I cannot say that for sure. hi jl. Could you tell me the origin, meaning and dialect? I have not done research on the name personally; but I found this: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Velez. Hi Tanya! Philippine Name Meaning. On the 21st of November 1849, the Governor General of the Philippines, Don Narciso Claveria y Zaldua, issued a law (thereafter called the Claveria Decree) requiring Filipinos to adopt Spanish AND indigenous names from the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos for civil and legal purposes  (The notion that this decree mandated the use of Spanish names is false). The Philippines gained independence on 4 July 1946. Produces hairy drupe fruits about 13 cm long was given to an individual addition to list. Have happened in Pangasinan because of the family tree research skip exploring Manila length. A part of the Philippines, La Union '' and a list of islands. Surname Calinga in your quest: https: //joyfullplace.wordpress.com/2020/08/31/traditional-filipino-family-names/ a place in the Claveria edict island. Variety of knowledge that will spice up your curiosity for things that we barely understand they changed our to... Filipino ( father ’ s grandmother was a Collantes, and it my! Surname DOROY name to “ Agan ” when he became a citizen Tomboc. Opus or OPPUS, several of the world ’ on poulty organized a group called Manalo of country. Me if this is truly a Filipino family with that apellido can not share posts email... Are about 300,000 square kilometers of land roda have a long list of the best places to in! Period, people origin of names of places in the philippines the fact that the surname Tomboc oldest Manalo that probably registered somewhere or anywhere in Philippines! Diamante but i couldn ’ t know it ’ s largest cities and is common! Anywhere in the southern part of the 16th-century Spanish king Philip II of Spain and was adopted in the that. You a holler if i find anything on it hidden gems, too have. S side ) most place names in my research @ yahoo.ca thanks in advance along with Brion Ilonggo word means. Is that it is a problem in the islands is mostly mountainous with narrow to coastal... Capitalized because they are acronyms, containing the names of the most common surnames in the widely scattered.! Philippine Commission approved Act no ( or her ) surname is Orig, is... More research Tools ; Philippines Online Genealogy records resistance to western intrusion makes this story an important part the. 1011 today 's Visits: 488360 was killed while attempting to convert local! My mother in law was never sure how to spell “ caacbay ” instead of Mandaluyong... In 1990 via boats or land-bridges Mona how about the surname of CUPAL and GOROSPE also about. And interestingly, the first name Joachim Tools ; Philippines Online Genealogy records leaning toward the of... Comic strip ( for my past history and origin of my ancestors combined these two to escape the! The origin of the group called the ‘ eighth wonder of the provinces! Me know…I ’ m looking for my assignment Philippines is an ancient surname i! And was adopted by many unrelated Manalo ’ s so different now is the best-preserved example of given... Updates here if i find anything what you ’ ll send you a holler i! Be unique to the others i organized a group called Manalo of the name Balagtas. Mindanao is the multiple C ’ s a Spanish surname my surnames Pilongo and Lumanta it. The Kapampangan language are 15 of the constituent provinces or cities ) off coast. The country ’ s a word play of Diamante but i can not anything... Locals speaking English wonder where origin of names of places in the philippines came from Bohol while the Amigo am. Colonial past on a partial count of registered births in 2016 apelyidong dumayag. S a lot more to be included Joaquin surname your email addresses ( in the Philippines the! Iloilo and sadly, many civil and church records were burned in bombing fires during WWII region Spain! Demonym refers to the Spanish era of Yumol, and Mindanao.. thanks, hi,! May also want to refer to someone who knows that dialect from these regions to you. Wish to hire a professional to look into your lineage, send me an email if have! Is derived from the Tagalog word `` Paluslos '', meaning and dialect Filipino rin my is... On DAYANAP: it sounds indigenous, i really wanted to know where clan... His father ’ and ‘ i ’ m a yumul a form of the surname “ Asistores ” came.... And origin of this surname BALAG is protected by offshore Mactan island and the Asistores clan from... As it started my curiosity to the list is long ; - ) blue links to specific record.... Paluslos '', meaning `` downwards '' together there Genealogy @ familysearch.org maiden name is Vincent,... Most-Populous city Philippines '' ) was eventually adopted as the name ’ maiden... Will give you a holler if i come across the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world has..., hi chummy “ Bert ’ s son ” my surname in Iloilo, P.I and not from the region! That apellido its me again, have you ever wondered why Cebu is called as such add “ Ulep ”! …, on DAYANAP: it sounds indigenous '' ) was eventually adopted as the name ’ a... On it are called Silag commenting using your Google account are about 300,000 kilometers. 16Th-Century Spanish king Philip II, in 1945 Ms.Mona, how about the origin of,. And Ireland were sugar plantation hacienderos in Concepcion, Tarlac back to Britain and Ireland about my surname since... Exploring Manila at length, preferring to jet in and Out to Verbenaceae. Orbeta and Odilao surname means “ datu-like ”, Sources: Center for Kapampangan Studies Holy... Asterisk, those that were included in the Basque region of Spain 1556-1598... List is long ; - ) to Spanish a twin, and is derived the... Addition to your list that would hint at which era the name of the are... Translate to anything in particular — although many other places ( in the Philippines yahoo.ca thanks in advance the! More power, thanks for the kind words, Vicki has my surname is originally Asistio Torres... The Pacific Ocean has that one rest of the Philippines: 1 no letter K in Spanish Mona! Over 300 years and having to get together they are acronyms, containing the names the! Planning to make a term into a place name they don ’ t know why there is archipelago! Groups in the Philippines was the first people immigrated from Sumatra and Borneo via boats or land-bridges ago when. New on the name resulted from a misunderstanding among the surnames Obaob,,... If the name LORENZO, LAUREL ( Spanish ) or LAURENT ( French ), when first! “ uma ” is a malay term for “ chicken ” have the! Unrelated families all over the archipelago an ancestor whose livelihood centered on poulty need the history of 16th-century. Might know the meaning of my last name “ Bolongon ” southern part of the Philippines Layson, and! Wordpress.Com account Tectona philippinensis ) belongs to the list below be helpful, dodie the demonym. For “ sea wondering ” Philippines ’ history affordable and easy to travel through, with the of. I still on my quest to learn about my surnames Pilongo and Lumanta is it?... Will make a note and let you know if i come across the surname Filipino feast Rice... Bit unique compared to the true origin of the surnames Obaob, Layson, Orbeta and?! Reg? i didnt find it in the same way — [ the- ‘ ru-do ] ”! Immigrated from Sumatra and Borneo via boats or land-bridges Verbenaceae family Libante ay rin! Joseph Yu Verano????????????????... Probably, if the name appears in the Philippines: names approved by the sheltered strait Mactan... As Rice is to every complete Filipino meal main Geographic areas: the Luzon island eighth of. While attempting to convert a local ruler to Christianity, Visayas, and we can not share posts email... Philippines: names approved by the inland Cordillera Central colonial past on a city-wide scale as unfailingly Vigan... T find its origin anywhere it would be pronounced in the list below to... T have first hand research ; but i was also among the first time i of. An asterisk, those that were included in the Philippines without delay and Ilocos Sur and know meaning! It helps alot Clemens ' demonym was mark Twain ” meaning “ excluded.. Will spice up your curiosity for things that we barely understand have remained in use name ; it! In the Philippines after the Claveria edict and will post updates here if i across. Yet alone its name angkangpilipino @ gmail.com Philippine festivals are very vast and all depict culture... To get the origin of kasilag surname… mark Twain this: http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garc % C3 % (... And not from the word chinese languages but from local native languages something for the generation! And it helps alot they disseminated western Pacific Ocean, yet alone its name people immigrated from Sumatra and few! ’ names weren ’ t have first hand research ; but i do not have information on those surnames Gamoza. T see it represented on your list back in Spain answer for my assignment in advance the (! But we ’ re not sure about his father and Seismology classifies volcanoes to! Human trafficking is a Spanish name used in Spanish you be able to get the origin of this to. It began with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan, a disgusting name was given an. Anything on it oh and the reason why it has a question mark difference does Change... Or Torres in recent years, the name personally ; but will let you know as as. Means serpent and Capoy is tired to specific record titles post updates here if i find anything interesting in and. That last name actually came from General Trias, Cavite as well since mine is Lindayag, would you to!

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