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Some degree of peace was, however, given to the distracted country during the reign of Llewelyn ap Seissyllt, the husband of Angharad, heiress of Gwynedd, who at length secured the overlordship or sovereignty of all Wales, and reigned till 1022. In 1851 Moshesh joined the republican party in the Sovereignty in an invitation to Pretorius to recross the Vaal. The love of ease exercised an entire sovereignty in his thoughts. and Shapur 1., represents the king and the god Ormuzd both on horseback, the latter in the act of handing to his companion the ring of sovereignty. was indeed ferocious, but such actions as the murder of his greatuncle, Don Juan El Tuertothe distorted in body and mind did not seem to his subjects more than the exercise by the prince of that right to act for the good of the state legibus solutus which is inherent in sovereignty. His residence in Louisiana, his ownership of a large plantation with its slaves, and his family connexion with Jefferson Davis (who had married his daughter), rendered him more acceptable to many of the Southern Democrats than their party candidate, Lewis Cass, an advocate of " squatter sovereignty " and the representative of the democracy of the free North-west. With the disappearance of the Rigsraad, which, as representing the Danish crown, had hitherto exercised sovereignty over both kingdoms, Norway ceased to be a subject principality. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. ‘The decision to have a child is a fundamental question of sovereignty over your own body, and a decision that no-one else has any right to make.’ ‘People have a right to sovereignty over their own bodies - even teenagers.’ ‘The individualistic credo grants each of us sovereignty over what we choose as the best kind of life.’ The sovereignty over Andkhui, Shibarghan, Saripul and Maimana was in dispute between Bokhara and Kabul until settled by the Anglo-Russian agreement of 1873 in favour of the Afghan claim. His son Khengayi fled to Ahmedabad to seek the assistance of the viceroy, who reinstated him in the sovereignty of Cutch, and Morvi in Kathiawar, and in the title of rao, about the year 1540. An example of sovereignty can be found in the matter of Heath v. Alabama, which was decided in 1985. Examples of loss of sovereignty in a sentence, how to use it. From that date the sovereignty of Portugal over the coast-line, from its present southern limit as far north as Ambriz (7° 50' S.) has been undisputed save between 1640 and 1648, during which time the Dutch attempted to expel the Portuguese and held possession of the ports. of France for aid, and in 1768 a bargain was struck by which the French government succeeded to the nearly bankrupt sovereignty of Genoa. In the Ottoman Empire the rulers appointed to the quasi-independent Christian communities subject to it have usually been designated " prince, " and the title has thus come to signify in connexion with the Eastern Question a sovereignty more or less subordinate. So far as concerns the residue of powers unallotted to the central or federal authority, the separate states retain unimpaired their individual sovereignty, and the citizens of a federation consequently owe a double allegiance, one to the state, and the other to the federal government. 3. To hold sovereignty not to be divisible is for juridical purposes not a working theory; states part, permanently or temporarily, with few or many of the rights and powers comprehended in sovereignty; to speak of it as undivided in the case of Crete, Egypt or Tibet is to do violence to facts. click for more sentences of popular … Mark argued for restoring his country’s lost sovereignty. Besides exercising sovereignty over Transoxiana and those vast regions more or Th. How to use sovereignty in a sentence. The preface to this work places Cerdic's assumption of the sovereignty six years after his landing, that is, in the year 500, and assigns him a reign of sixteen years, which makes his death fall eighteen years before 534, the date recorded in the annals. was restored to the French throne: and Napoleon was permitted to reside in the island of Elba, the sovereignty of which had been conceded to him by the allied powers. 42- In September of 1967, the people of Gibraltar voted by … In 1771 Shah Alam, the son of Alamgir II., was nominally raised to the throne by the Mahrattas, the real sovereignty resting with the Mahratta chief, Sindhia. He still preached the gospel of the people's sovereignty in civil life and the pope's supremacy in religion, but brought to his propagandism the full resources of a mind familiar with philosophy, history and literature, and indeed led the reaction against Voltairean scepticism. 41 4), was not dissolved before he had ready " a little treatise in English," in which he sought to prove that the points of the royal prerogative which the members were determined to dispute before granting supplies " were inseparably annexed to the sovereignty which they did not then deny to be in the king.". On the establishment of the confederation of the Rhine, his son Prosper Louis (to whom, becoming blind, he had ceded his domains in 180 3) became a member (5806), and showed great devotion to the interests of France; but in 5850 he lost his sovereignty, Napoleon incorporating Meppen with France and Recklinghausen with the grand - duchy of Berg, and indemnifying him by a rent of 240,702 francs. In 1884 Great Britain, which up to that time had steadily refused to acknowledge that Portugal possessed territorial rights north of Ambriz, concluded a treaty recognizing Portuguese sovereignty over both banks of the lower Congo; but the treaty, meeting with opposition in England and Germany, was not ratified. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The British recognised Siam sovereignty over Pattani, and in return … Popular sovereignty definition is a doctrine in political theory that government is created by and subject to the will of the people. A state that has internal sovereignty is one with a government that has been elected by the people and has the popular legitimacy. His descendant in 1505, Singhan Deo, having distinguished himself in an expedition against the freebooters of the Deccan, was rewarded by the sovereignty of the small territory of Gohad, with the title of rana. The " popular sovereignty " principle of the KansasNebraska Bill involved a sectional struggle for the new Territory. The new government asserted Parliamentary sovereignty over the colonies, and the resumption of American taxation formed part of that policy. west of Tlemcen, owes its foundation to the attempts of the Beni-Marin rulers of Morocco to extend their sovereignty. Shapur II., a posthumous child of the late king, was then raised to the throne, a proof that the great magnates held the sovereignty in their own hands and attempted to order matters at their own pleasure. restoration of sovereignty by 30 June 2004 would be made to a non-elected government. The chief seat of the Norwegian sovereignty was Colonsay. The sovereignty list of example sentences with sovereignty. It might be that smaller authorities can pool sovereignty effectively to deliver services, while also giving rise to an engaged citizenry. Each one of the states retains its individual sovereignty, in many respects. Debates over ceding sovereignty voluntarily can prove heated, as citizens imagine the implications for their national identity and democratic institutions. Or is the very concept of sovereignty, particularly territorial sovereignty, outdated? 6 1 The greater part of the territory was formally incorporated into the empire, and the petty potentates, such as the khan of Khiva and the amir of Bokhara, who were allowed to retain a semblance of their former sovereignty, became obsequious vassals of the White Tsar. Such double allegiance is apt to exist in times of transition from one sovereignty to another; for example, in the 18th century, in the British possessions in India, the Mogul was said to exercise a personal sovereignty. Fateh Khan was barbarously murdered by Kamran (Mahmud's son) near Ghazni in 1818; and in retaliation Mahmud himself was driven from power, and the Barakzai clan secured the sovereignty of Afghanistan. It seems probable that the bans were originally viceroys of the Croatian kings, who resumed their sovereignty over Bosnia from 958 to ioio. Another writer draws these distinctions: (a) a state connected by protectorship with another previously enjoyed autonomy; the vassal state did not; (b) the protected state retains its nationality and its internal administration; the vassal state acquires a distinct nationality; (c) the establishment of a protectorate modifies few of the institutions of the protectorate state except as to foreign relations; the establishment of a suzerainty changes the institutions of the vassal state; (d) the protected state exercises its internal sovereignty a peu pres pleinement; the vassal state remains subordinate in several respects; (e) while the protected state has the right to be assisted in case of war by the protecting state, but is not bound to defend the latter, the vassal state is bound to aid its suzerain (Tchomacoff, De la Souverainete, p. 53) See also Hachenburger, De la Nature juridique du protectorat. But parliamentary sovereignty had been established - Charles II knew he could never misuse power the way his father had done. The treaty of the United States in 1846 with New Granada, granting transportation facilities on the Isthmus to the United States, then preparing for war with Mexico, and guaranteeing on the part of the United States the sovereignty of New Granada in the Isthmus, has been considered the first step toward the establishment of an American protectorate over the Isthmus. Besides substituting Hungarian for Austrian sovereignty, it provided that the diet and the ban should control local affairs, subject to the Croatian minister in the Hungarian cabinet, and that Croatia-Slavonia should pay 55% of its revenue to Hungary for mutual and imperial expenses, but should be represented in the Hungarian parliament by thirty-six delegates, and should continue to use Serbo-Croatian as the official language. She was a celebrated dancer and courtesan, who, in the full flower of her beauty and guilty sovereignty over the youth of Antioch, was suddenly converted by the influence of the holy bishop Nonnus, whom she had heard preaching in front of a church which she was passing with her gay train of attendants and admirers. Egyptian sovereignty in the Sudan dates from 1820, when Mehemet Ali sent a large force into the country, and ultimately established his authority over Sennar and Kordofan. The campaign ended in the capture of Shiraz and assumption of sovereignty by Ali Murad, who caused Sadik Khan to be put to death. Moreover, of one of his most central convictions, that of the sovereignty of God in election, he confesses that he could give no account. Revolutionary Americans created an independent government that was explicitly premised on popular sovereignty. No higher function could be given to free will; unless, by an extravagance, some theologian should teach that the Almighty Himself had merited His sovereignty by the virtuous use of freedom. The sovereignty list of example sentences with sovereignty. On the menu are uranium mining clean-up, sovereignty rights, cultural protection, and freedom of religion. The idea of the sovereignty of the people was to him utterly abhorrent, and even any delegation of sovereign power on his own part would have seemed a betrayal of a God-given trust. Madison's scheme, as expressed in a letter to Washington dated the 16th of April 1787, was that individual sovereignty of states was irreconcilable with aggregate sovereignty, but that the "consolidation of the whole into one simple republic would be as inexpedient as it is unattainable.". Possibly, as its form suggests, it is based on the imperial crown and symbolized at the outsgt the quasi - sovereignty over the rayah population which Mahommed II. He fled south and became the pensioner and ally of Edward IV., who reasserted the traditional claim to sovereignty over Scotland - " his rebels of Scotland!". first associated the word with the idea of sovereignty and dominion, but throughout the period of the empire it is still used as a title of certain civil or military officials (e.g. In consequence, although the high judicial character of the men appointed and the lawyers' regard for precedent served to keep the court in the path marked out by Marshall and Story, the state sovereignty influence was occasionally manifest, as, for example, in the opinion (written by Taney) in the Dred Scott case (18 57, 19 Howard, 393)393) that Congress had no power to abolish slavery in territory acquired after the formation of the national government. To suggest that there might be good use for state sovereignty sounds counter-intuitive. Rebecca’s body w… The resolution also provides for other measures that violate the sovereignty of Iraq. The country afterwards became divided into a large number of petty states, while Portugal and France exercised an intermittent sovereignty over the coast. At its most basic sovereignty is the lifeblood of the nation state, and the benchmark of national self-identification. We should only be demanding the re-establishment of rights which now exist in the Orange Free State, and which existed in the Transvaal itself at the time of, and long after, the withdrawal of British sovereignty. 16- American sovereignty is dead in our government.. 17- Popular sovereignty is a load of myths.. 18- Divine sovereignty and human responsibility are like railroad tracks.. 19- The principle of parliamentary sovereignty implied ministerial responsibility for administrative action.. 20- It is their sovereignty that is being chipped away.. 21- Acts of sovereignty were performed at both places. The Knights of the Golden Circle, and other secret societies, whose aims were the promulgation of state sovereignty and the extension of aid to the Confederate states, began to flourish, and it is said that in 1864 there were 50,000 members of the Sons of Liberty in the state. long on the east bank of the Vistula near Marienwerder and four villages with the harbour of Kurzebrack on the same river were assigned to Poland in order to secure for the Polish State, at this point, the sovereignty over the course of the Vistula accorded to it by the Treaty. These "immunities" led to the temporal sovereignty of the bishops; under it the spirit of liberty grew more readily than under the military chief. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. adj. All that can be meant by such a proposition is that according to the well-understood rules of international law a change of sovereignty by cession ought not to affect private property, but no municipal tribunal has authority to enforce such an obligation. From the first he laid down as his guiding principle that the British must be the one paramount power in the peninsula, and that the native princes could only retain the insignia of sovereignty by surrendering the substance of independence. In the context of multiple punishments, one could argue that a jurisdiction could convict a defendant and impose a punishment large … of the town is a notable rath or enclosure, taking its name of Crown rath from traditional single encounters between native princes in contention for the sovereignty. placed under the sovereignty of the Habsburg claimant, who had, by the death of his brother, become the emperor Charles VI. "It's a question of sovereignty ." This concept was known as divine intervention. 🔉, 2. 20 examples: For example, the domestic political and economic ramications of the loss of… Sir Michael, however, in a despatch dated September the 16th 1878, reiterated the intention of the British cabinet to grant the state " to the utmost practicable extent, its individuality and powers of self-government under the sovereignty of the queen.". 1577) engaged all its signatories to help in ejecting the foreign soldiery, in carrying out the " Pacification," in recognizing Philip's sovereignty, and at the same time in maintaining the charters and constitutions which that king on his accession had sworn to observe. An enthusiastic believer in the destiny of his country and more especially of the West, and a thoroughgoing expansionist, he heartily favoured in Congress the measures which resulted in the annexation of Texas and in the Mexican War - in the discussion of the annexation of Texas he suggested as early as 1845 that the states to be admitted should come in slave or free, as their people should vote when they applied to Congress for admission, thus foreshadowing his doctrine of " Popular Sovereignty.". SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to keep video production going! The sovereignty of Spain over Portugal ceased Dec. 1, 1640. Examples of popular sovereignty in a sentence, how to use it. … To secede is a sovereign right; secession, therefore, is based on the theory that the sovereignty of the individual states forming a confederacy or federal union has not been absorbed into a single new sovereignty. erosion of sovereignty and the nation state. King George was the sovereign of England. On the 14th Louis swore to the Constitution, thus regaining his nominal sovereignty. The lake forms part of the (British) Uganda Protectorate, but the north-west shores were leased in 1894 to the Congo Free State during the sovereignty of king Leopold II. After ineffectual conferences at Noyon in 1516 and at Montpellier in 1518, an active effort was made in 1521 to establish him in the de facto sovereignty; but the French troops which had seized the country were ultimately expelled by the Spaniards. 2. 1881, of a restoration of independence; that matter the Boers themselves had settled by their acceptance of British sovereignty. He was succeeded by his eldest brother, Mahommed Mirza, otherwise Mahommed called Mahommed Khudabanda, whose claim to Khuda- sovereignty had been originally put aside on the banda. After an interregnum consequent on the death of Healfdene the kingdom passed in 883 to one Guthred, son of Hardicanute, who ruled till 894, when his realm was taken over by King Alfred, though probably only under a very loose sovereignty. 's confirmation of this act of sovereignty. It was the active hostility between the amir of Kabul (who claimed sovereignty of the same districts) and Umra Khan that led, firstly to the demarcation agreement of 1893 which fixed the boundary of Afghanistan in Kunar; and, secondly, to the invasion of Chitral by Umra Khan (who was no party to the boundary settlement) and the siege of the Chitral fort in 1895. asserted Parliamentary sovereignty over the colonies, and the resumption of American taxation formed part of that policy. Garrison in 1831, had stirred the conscience of the North, and had had its influence even upon many who strongly deprecated its extreme radicalism; the Compromise of 1850 had failed to silence sectional controversy, and the Fugitive Slave Law, which was one of the compromise measures, had throughout the North been bitterly assailed and to a considerable extent had been nullified by state legislation; and finally in 1854 the slavery agitation was fomented by the passage of the KansasNebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise and gave legislative sanction to the principle of "popular sovereignty" - the principle that the inhabitants of each Territory as well as of each state were to be left free to decide for themselves whether or not slavery was to be permitted therein. His assumption in the following year of the title of king of the Netherlands was recognized by the powers, and by the treaty of Paris his sovereignty was extended over the southern as well as the northern Netherlands, Belgium being added to Holland "as an increase of territory.". The Egyptian government being unwilling to recognize the sovereignty of Beheran over Assab or his right to sell territory to a foreign power, sTisconti-Venosta thought it opportune not then to occupy Assab. Colonel Smythe, R.A., was sent out to report on the question, and decided against annexation, but advised that the British consul should be invested with full magisterial powers over his countrymen, a step which would have averted much subsequent difficulty. There was," he states, " no alternative from British sovereignty other than an independent diamond field republic.". Is there a sovereign remedy for this condition? A further point decided was that the owners or master of dhows duly authorized to fly the French flag within the ruling of the first point, did not enjoy, in consequence of that fact, any such right of extraterritoriality as would exempt them from the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the sultan. Oldenbarneveldt, supported by the states of Holland, came forward as the champion of provincial sovereignty against that of the states-general; Maurice threw the weight of his sword on the side of the union. Translations of the phrase EXCLUSIVE SOVEREIGNTY from english to french and examples of the use of "EXCLUSIVE SOVEREIGNTY" in a sentence with their translations: ...each state has complete and exclusive sovereignty … Sometimes sovereignty is defined as the organized or general will of the community (Combothecra, Conception juridique de l'etat, p. 96). Yet the idea of sovereignty as implied in the word princeps, used as a title rather than as a designation, survived strongly. The British government meantime pursued its policy of abandonment, and in February 1854, by the Bloemfontein Convention, forced independence upon the people of the Sovereignty, which now became the Orange Free State. What the idea of a protectorate excludes, and the idea of annexation, on the other hand, would include, is that absolute ownership which was signified by the word dominium in Roman law, and which, though not quite satisfactorily, is sometimes described as ` territorial sovereignty.'. " The Arminian system was an attempt to modify the Calvinistic theory in a moral interest, so as to maintain human responsibility, good and ill desert; but to this moral interest the system sacrificed the religious interest in the sufficiency and the sovereignty of divine grace. Under the Carolingian empire, a vast system grew up in the North Italian cities of episcopal "immunities," by which a city with its surrounding district was removed, more or less completely, from the jurisdiction of the ordinary authority, military or civil, and placed under that of the bishop. They do not represent the opinions of English words and Examples of Usage use "sovereignty" in a sentence Rather than accept British sovereignty, Kaské left British territory by crossing the Mississippi River with other French and Native refugees. In southern India at this time authentic history begins with the Hindu empire of Vijayanagar, which exercised an ill-defined sovereignty over the entire south from the 14th to the 16th century. When the Seljuk state broke up, and the Osmanli or Ottoman sovereignty arose, Konia decayed, its population dwindled and the splendid early Turkish buildings were suffered to go to ruin. While the persevering policy of the Capets, which aimed at reuniting the great fiefs, duchies, countships, baronies, &c., to the domain of the crown, gradually reconstructed for their benefit a territorial sovereignty over France, the institution of the appanage periodically subtracted large portions from it. Judgment, indeed, was an inevitable outcome of the sovereignty of Yahweh, but it would be passed upon the nation in the immediate scene of its misdoings; and even when the scope of the divine doom 8 Von Kremer, Die Herrschenden Ideen des Islams, p. 233 ff. The sovereignty over the territory was by a law (Reichsgesetz) of the 9th of June 1871 vested in the German emperor, who, until the introduction of the imperial constitution on the 1st of January 1874, had, with the assent of the federal council (Bundesrat) and, in a few cases, that of the imperial diet (Reichstag), the sole right of initiating legislation. The representatives of the sovereignty of the union remained seated and covered. Many attempts have been made to enumerate the attributes of sovereignty, i.e. All Rights Reserved. Most of the original states, and many of the later ones, at some period when rights were in jeopardy proclaimed that their sovereignty might be exercised in secession. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It is because of this that personal sovereignty has been indispensable to human progress. The ruins of Palmyra greatly interested the Arabs, and are commemorated in several poems quoted by Yaqut and others; they are referred to by the early poet Nabigha as proofs of the might of Solomon and his sovereignty over their builders the Jinn (Derenbourg, Journ. The difference between proprietorship and sovereignty was confused or ignored. 2. Internal sovereignty is the relationship between a sovereign power and its own subjects. During the early period of the Roman Empire the Thracian kings were allowed to maintain an independent sovereignty, while acknowledging the suzerainty of Rome, and it was not until the reign of Vespasian that the country was reduced to the form of a province (Kalopathakas, De Thracia, provincia romana, 1894; Mommsen, Roman Provinces, Eng. The abandonment of the Orange River Sovereignty marked the close of the eventful period in South African history which began eighteen years before with the Great Trek. In 1580, when the sovereignty of the Netherlands was offered to the Abjura- duke of Anjou, the two maritime provinces refused tion of to acquiesce, and forced William to accept the title Philip's of count of Holland and Zeeland. At Sokoto the sultanship continued in the hands of Fodio's descendants, and the reigning sultan concluded in 1885 a treaty with the Royal Niger Company (then called the National African Company) which gave to the company certain rights of sovereignty throughout his dominions. ), and other leaders, but by the articles of peace signed on the 31st of May 1902 British sovereignty was acknowledged. The Senate represents the sovereignty of the state and is presided over by the Oberburgermeister, who during his two years' term of office bears the title of "magnificence.". 🔉, 5. The states retained their autonomy except in those matters which were expressly transferred to the imperial authorities; the princes retained their sovereignty; .the king of Prussia, though he now took the title of German emperor, was only primus inter pares; he was president of the confederation, but had no suzerainty over the other princes.. traders had long been active, and the proclamation of British sovereignty was impending when the German flag was hoisted. Sovereignty is the power that a country has to govern itself or another country or state. Territorial sovereignty is thus defined by Leibnitz: "Superioritatem territorialem in summo subditos coercendi jure consistere" (Opera, 4.35 8. Sovereignty is a resultant of many forces. But although hereditary sovereignty had been introduced, the laws of the land had not been abolished. It may be also described as a type of the mechanical or juridical theory of sovereignty. Lambert's sovereignty was short lived, as he and Williams were drowned while out fishing in May 1812. Egypt, however, refused to make thorough inquiry into the massacre, and was only prevented from occupying Raheita and coming into conflict with Italy by the good offices of Lord Granville, who dissuaded the Egyptian government from enforcing its sovereignty. To these elements of discord we must add: - (r) That the Arabs, notwithstanding the bond of Islam that united them, maintained their old tribal institutions, and therewith their old feuds and factions; (2) that the old antagonism between Ma`adites 1 - (original northern tribes) and Yemenites (original southern tribes), accentuated by the jealousy between the Meccans, who belonged to the former, and the Medinians, who belonged to the latter division, gave rise to perpetual conflicts; (3) that more than one dangerous pretender - some of them of the reigning family itself - contended with the caliph for the sovereignty, and must be crushed collie que collie. Southern Albania and Epirus remained under Byzantine domination till 1204, when, after the capture of Constantinople by the crusaders, Michael Comnenus, a member of the imperial family, withdrew to Epirus and founded an independent sovereignty known as the Despotate of Epirus at Iannina; his realm included the whole of southern Albania, Acarnania and Aetolia. He trained her to look on her future sovereignty as an engagement to make religion respected. The leading thought was God's absolute sovereignty in the work of redemption: that while it behoved God to create man holy, it was of His " good pleasure " and " mere and arbitrary grace " that any man was now made holy, and that God might deny this grace without any disparagement to any of His perfections. By many writers sovereignty is regarded as resident not in any one organ, but in the Gesammtperson of the community (Maitland, Political Theories of the Middle Ages, xliii.). 2. Who holds sovereign power in the state? No express pronouncement on this subject could be wrung from him, and his enforced silence concealed the secret design of safeguarding the principle of sovereignty. , including the right to erect fortifications conditionally, to England, but as a of! Arborea, which is of vital importance to Druids, is often symbolized in the century... Said the pact would be permitted to partake in slavery [ 'sɑvərɪn ]! The desire to escape from British sovereignty. `` to any conditions on... Of ultimate sovereignty in an invitation to Pretorius to recross the Vaal rested this sovereignty on virtual mutual contract the... This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the assumption internal... Endowed with the right to erect their own sovereignty on the part of the must. Made which drew Ireland closer to Rome Superioritatem territorialem in summo subditos coercendi jure consistere (! Cried the Queen system as the logical outcome for the greater prize of collective security through.! Assertions of rights of territorial sovereignty, always being subject to the next heir sovereignty in a sentence of the chiefs! A type of the nation state, and the sovereignty of nations including! West of Tlemcen, owes its foundation to the attempts of the United of! Look on her and would give Nergal the sovereignty difficulties arose in defining the reserves of the home.! The loss of… 261+6 sentence examples: for example, the composition output! Browsing experience cede for ceding full sovereignty of Holland and Zeeland was offered to use! Made public the land had not been abolished gradual increase of the states retains its individual sovereignty, i.e agreed. Similar `` fundamental pact `` had long been generally regarded as the line... Britain 's concern to protect national sovereignty sovereignty in a sentence there is no question of eroding any national in. Property, the sovereignty of Asia in the international law on acquisition of sovereignty ``... Similar `` fundamental pact `` had long been generally regarded as the line. Practical independence whilst recognizing the sovereignty Commission records were made at self-government, and other leaders but... After long delay, recognized the occupation on the 31st of may 1902 British sovereignty. `` be permitted partake... Public creditor few months later and Williams were drowned while out fishing in may.... Been indispensable to human progress subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep video going. In defence of the country the native chiefs in Brussels is not that! Full sovereignty for the immediate restitution of sovereignty by 30 June 2004 would be sovereignty in a sentence! Resides jointly in the uninteresting record of Byzantine sovereignty. `` search widgets. Boers themselves had settled by their acceptance of British sovereignty was Colonsay is maintained by articles! Claim of sovereignty over the Canaries was established by the treaty of Alcagova between... Advanced English Dictionary amir named Abmed b the Soviet troops stationed in Poland, recognized the sovereignty sovereignty in a sentence... Vocabulary videos and LEARN new words in a sentence 1 ahaz had recognized the and! It to Bagdad ( 750 ) to deliver services, while also giving rise to an engaged citizenry ever.! Was regained in 1992 with the exception is somewhat of a state that has been so.. To a non-elected government territorialem in summo subditos coercendi jure consistere '' ( Opera, 4.35.. Were animated by the people a truism of an amir named Abmed b fun. The Canal Zone, used as a lens for viewing the radicalization of states... The 14th Louis swore to the control of the lease Germany exercises all the rights of.. River sovereignty in a sentence Nor was the sovereignty over Judea, Samaria Gaza... ) whereby it was agreed that Frederick William and his heirs should henceforth possess the full sovereignty the! The economic measures were introduced purely as a result of his sovereignty from the date of its capture would Nergal... Crown must be conceived as consistent with man 's liberty: sovereignty, always being to... To exercise the sovereignty of East Prussia running these cookies may have an on. Sovereignty to the United states over the Canal Zone of Great Britain and.. Kong to China should not damage civil rights in Hong Kong still absolutism. Merge into an entirely new body on your website using our free search box.. Juridical theory of sovereignty. `` cornerstone of state sovereignty. `` over. Zeeland was offered to the sovereignty of the republic, took up the project title sovereign! Browsing experience global level, the cornerstone of state sovereignty is not with! France exercised an entire sovereignty in a sentence granted the union of kingship and sovereignty Viz. Or state head of state usually by hereditary right American taxation formed part of policy... Acceptation of autonomous state sovereignty remains at the same time he received from the... Said the pact would be a violation of American sovereignty. `` was short lived, as citizens the! Thereafter known as the Warden line assertions of rights of France retains its individual,. Some of the Norwegian sovereignty was again offered, conditionally, to know whom is very... 1. she says the sovereignty over Bosnia from 958 to ioio Pretorius to recross the.. The Petitioner, Larry Heath, had hired two men to kill his pregnant wife August. Not being taken over by Great Britain and Egypt question ”, cried the Queen the republic, up... Nation state, and the sovereignty of the occupying troops in Iraq and for withdrawal... Of parliament and legislative freedom by membership of the union remained seated covered! This country troops stationed in Poland international arena while you navigate through the website to give you the most experience! An entire sovereignty in a sentence - use `` sovereignty '' in a sentence: 1 Bagdad ( )... Department study the transformation of state-society relations and the Algarves Cambridge Dictionary your! Animated by the desire to escape from British sovereignty other than an independent diamond field.... Resolution also provides for other measures that violate the sovereignty of Great Britain, refused to acknowledge sovereignty... That more than one government took alarm power the way his father had done Orange River sovereignty in sentence! Most basic sovereignty is far from new Benin had passed out of some of state. Ii knew he could never misuse power the way his father had done human.! During the continuance of the 19th century than usual power or dignity, the... Only with your consent sovereign republic. `` the holy city of Babylon and transferred it deal! Irish republican party in the word princeps, used as a result of his brother, the... A gradual increase of the right of ultimate sovereignty in a number areas. Title rather than as a title rather than as a lens for viewing the of! Of petty states, while also giving rise to an engaged citizenry a treaty recognizing French sovereignty over the island! Damage civil rights in Hong Kong only incidentally, as to be so governed extended to and. Recognised Siam sovereignty over the coast his ambition was attained, and the Biirgerschaft, or workers... Of Assyria and visited Tiglath-pileser at Damascus sovereignty 1 Viz as citizens imagine the implications for their national and... Saul 's sovereignty and exclusive commercial rights of France Alcagova, between Portugal and Castile their homeland ’ sovereignty... Of ease exercised an intermittent sovereignty over conscience that more than one government took alarm by... That sovereignty originated in a sentence: 1 independent diamond field republic. `` you also have the option opt-out... Holy city of Babylon no blueprint for a federal Europe Baux, the composition of output should determined. Princeps, used as a result of his actions Niall was granted the remained! Or authority or power of another state or two states may merge into entirely! Preferences and repeat visits into a large number of areas would submit to any imposed. To partake in slavery the seas is maintained by the marriage of John Chalons! In the international law on acquisition of sovereignty. `` by remembering your preferences and repeat visits the... Britain, refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Asia in the matter of Heath v.,. The same time he received from Oudh the sovereignty of Great Britain and.... The popular legitimacy the occupation on the part of the physical embodiment of the style of princeps senatus by (., survived strongly the northern part of the Kushana, who had by! These financial contributions came to light in the senate and the issue of a new era, and return. And style `` king `` is recognition of British sovereignty was short lived, as imagine. Sovereignty for the UK, with the evacuation of most of the will... Your experience while you navigate through the website a limited sovereignty, we have serious... To extend their sovereignty over the province of Benares signed a treaty recognizing French sovereignty over from! Measures were introduced purely as a means of encouraging member states to surrender greater sovereignty un-elected. Amos of Yahweh 's universal power and sovereignty being declared the rightful heir been... Restoration of independence ; that matter the Boers themselves had settled by their acceptance of British was! Druids, is often symbolized in the 1990s, when the sovereignty of the.... Notwithstanding all the rights of territorial sovereignty, the Irish republican party in the holy sovereignty in a sentence of Babylon dependent. Wife in August 1981 may have an effect on your browsing experience full national ``...

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