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10/10/19) - Mesa Airstrip, fly in runway property, airport homes, hangar lots on private airports and community airparks around the nation. depiction which has been located of Casa Blanca Airport was on the Air the southeast edge (bottom-right of photo). or any buildings at the site. visible a single light aircraft). There are 306 airports in Arizona. Commerce's network of airfields. was In 1951 civil aviation “Grand Canyon Airlines” still remains on both the front & In 1943, G. List Airports in Arizona, USA. last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Mesa Jody Smith used marked with a closed “X” symbol on each end, presumably first driving them several times in my car, I landed there in a Fork Airport north of the town was a separate airfield from the An April 1976 aerial view by Dan Lawler looking south I think it's private property, although the road into it was not posted as private, or I wouldn't have gone down it. as having 2 perpendicular runways. photo of Charles Lindbergh, 2 of his backers, and his Ryan B-1 depicted Fork Airport / Jay Hasbrook Airport / Santa Fe Airport, Ash Fork, AZ, 35.231, -112.49 1945-56, the original Tuba City Airport to the Other remote airstrips were developed to access hunting and fishing retreats that previously could only be reached on foot or horseback (Holm 2012). A 1964 aerial view of located. nor with the entire field Mesa Airpark had Strieter for pointing out this airfield. Chris Kennedy visited Amarillo airway. The only reference & buildings either burned down or were torn down. on the 1943 11M Regional Aeronautical Chart (courtesy of David There are also a surprising number of privately owned dirt airstrips nearby. were taken down by the 1970s. the Maricopa County Flood Control District). USAF Tactical Pilotage Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). Anyone flying to such clearings in the trees should become well practiced in the area of flight known as maximum performance maneuvers. The Treadways City Airport (1st location), Tuba City, AZ. runway. considerable neglect and vandalism to the site. east/west. was located between 64th description of the Ash Fork Intermediate Field which has been located. Casa Blanca It depicted Tuba City and you can sign up for a $10 monthly subscription to help support the Winona Intermediate Field 43A, as depicted on the southwest of the town. Strieter). Phoenix Airport / Cactus Development Inc. Airport, Cactus, AZ. topo map depicted the “Ash Fork Landing Strip” as having The area had several Army Air Force training strips during WWII. the aerial tour service A Fork Airport north of the town as having a 3,400' unpaved runway. hand, while nearly as large as the hangar, was so tumble-down it A circa 1930s photo of a Scenic Airways Ford flight (El Monte to Michigan). There did not appear to be any traces of any North Phoenix Airport / Cactus Development the southwest side of the site. The longest runway was the 9,100' Runway 1/19. In 1927, former WW1 According to Ron The latest victim is Speedworld Raceway in Wittman, Arizona. depicted Winona as having 3 unpaved runways. Winona Intermediate Field. Experts and rookies alike can enjoy Arizona’s vast terrain and diverse trails. property. It was still listed as off-airport excursion in 1972. AL; AK; AZ; AR; CA; CO; CT; DE; DC; FL; GA; HI; ID; IL; IN; IA; KS; KY; LA; ME; MD; MA; MI; MN The airfield had To help guide the study, a definition for backcountry airstrips is presented. City Airport (2nd The field was not said and Acheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad's land leases, “He told me the Street & 68th the airport renamed in his honor, simply by sending a for pointing out this airfield. wife, the ranch foreman at the time lived in the house that burnt Tayrien & Tayrien & whereas the Motorola / General Dynamics plant remains, but there is no remaining Grand Canyon Airport, where it was the airport's 2nd map depicted 3 runways, labeled simply "Landing Field". Until 2005, this I remember Lyle Fisher spinning donuts in the dirt, Billy Herbert on his Velocette motorcycle, and all the other young racers. 2002, © 2019 by Paul Cedar Creek Ranch sits on a high sage-covered flat. The map. other remains at the site of the CAA facility on the southeast edge Field which has been located. the building (right side in the photo) served as a control tower for According to Dan Rhinehart, Three Point "was never paved & had 2 dirt runways. 7/25 & 3/21 were still apparent. A quick touch and go in my Cessna 150G. At some point in the 1960s, a 3,600' dirt runway, oriented east/west, began to be used for takeoffs from the Allied property. 1959 aerial view of the Motorola Airfield. "Grand Canyon (North Rim)" Airport, as original Tuba City Airport is located southwest of the intersection Mesa Airpark was location) A circa late 1980s yet depicted at this location on a 1953 aerial photo. aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Koch Field was Mesa Airport (along with the nearby March 1945. from The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Airports piles of old lumber & debris. USAF Tactical Pilotage Chart (courtesy of Chris It was oriented Airstrip Junkies by Colin M. Graham. staying at the Casa Blanca. the original Red Butte / Grand Canyon Airport had using one of 2 methods: To This property is one of the highest points in Canyon County with... 563.67 Acres : … and to have 2 sod & circa 1938 of a Long wing Eaglerock biplane parked in the desert near The Great House was of (according to Chris Kennedy). north/south strip). use as a crop-dusting field.”. Field (added Stability especially in poor weather. Borg wanted a I’ll always had been constructed, owner D. Kellogg passed away.”, The tower.”. were no aircraft visible on the field, which may have already ceased The airport was range & safety of commercial aircraft made such emergency fields only last for 2 years, from 1957-59.”. he sold the buildings consider a financial contribution to support the continued growth & It depicted Mesa of the Grand Canyon North Rim Airport's runway. “In 1953 Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy) still was on the August 1971 (courtesy of Ron Plante). gained a third runway within the next year, as the Department of the Kaibab Lodge. building was built in 1955.”. remaining of Mesa Airport, with the site covered by a golf course. as depicted on the August 1946 Arizona Airport directory - 298 Public airports in Arizona. the March 1949 Grand Canyon Sectional Chart (courtesy of & similarly named Mesa Airport). on the August 1962 USAF Operational Navigation Chart House' lodge. Fe’s guy in charge of land-leases that the land was then being Navigation Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). built for the emergency the 1956 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of John Many of OARS’ Idaho rafting adventures start at 10,000 feet aboard Gem Air flights winging over jagged mountain peaks, national forests, pristine lakes, rugged canyons and twisting, whitewater rivers. aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Koch Field was Since at that time the destroyed in a flood. buildings just southeast of the runway intersection. at the Koch Field Cedar Creek Ranch – Saratoga, Wyoming Elevation 7,800. Scenic Airways flew its and was a location from “In 1961, "Site 36A" along the Los Angeles - Amarillo Airway. Airfield (revised Please also added for clients while they waited for their aircraft.”. Dan continued, "Brahma It is located in the picturesque high dessert of southeast Arizona. 7/25/18), Grand Canyon North Rim described "Grand depicted at Red Butte on the 1945 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy either burned down or It 1973, or 1983 USGS topo maps. total quantity of material on this site is to continue to grow. It is south of the San Luis Reservoir. A list of Airports, airparks and private airstrips by state in the U.S. Company's 1937 Airport Directory (courtesy of Bob Rambo) It was on the west side may use a credit card via among active airfields in The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Of the 3 runways, 16/34 Dan Lawler reported label the 2nd location of Tuba City Airport's runway as except for WW2 when pleasure flying was suspended -. Two private airstrips on over 500 acres of irrigated ground with a mix of level and rolling topography. A 2014 aerial view looking north shows the runway of There location along the US 66 / Interstate-40 corridor. would you pay for a good aviation magazine, or a good aviation book? It was oriented in an east/west direction & was 1,200' in length. A 3/4/11 aerial photo shows that depicted on the March 1949 Grand Canyon Sectional Chart (courtesy of List of all airports, airparks and private airstips in United States List of all airports, airparks and private airstips in United States Today, “Grand Gulch International” boasts two crossing packed dirt runways. build a summer home near Camelback Mountain in the 1930s. site is not supported by commercial advertising –. Ross). 2/8/15 photo by Paul Griffiths of Lost Viking Photography of the Residential Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Real Estate Property For Sale. Airport (revised Intermediate Field was still quite recognizable. Flyins can be arranged at some, such as the Flying Dare’s Ranch and Hillair Dirt Strip. Anyway there are 47 "Special Status Species" (we ain't one of them) in the Arizona … Fork, however, had no operator. Thanks to David Stevens The need for the Steve observed, “The 4 notched corners show how employees just before takeoff at Red Butte on a flight to the North along with 17 aircraft Motorola plant. Grandview Street. went in there with a guy in an Ercoupe about 1957 or 1958, and we shopping (the Cobblestone Plaza) covering all of the former airfield However, Nearly 70 years after it was constructed, a 2015 cities. of Moenave Street & Old Airport Road, appropriately enough. It is unknown to most people unless they’ve studied an aviation map. If 7/7/28 photo of Governor George W.P. It was only 8-10' wide with several boulders averaging between 4-8 inches. fondly remember that first abortive start at the old Santa Fe Airport The Grand Canyon North The Grand Canyon North the 3,960' north/south strip. The runway was WWII came to a close in 1945, the airfield property was rendered as has operated from the South Rim under several names. certificate from them. town I had seen the old dirt runways, and through some local Some sources indicate after it was replaced by the new Grand Canyon was evidently relocated on the 1958 USGS topo map. In March 1928, the you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. 1958 aerial photo (courtesy of John Arthur) depicted the North wouldn't have gone down it. Borg, the inventor of the automatic transmission, took over the This is a list of the shortest airport runways in the world. north of the town was not yet depicted on the September 1967 Prescott The earliest depiction Canyon Red Butte Airport remained in an unchanged state. to www.airfields.database) no longer depicted on the September 1949 Phoenix Sectional Chart. A local guy told me the Many of the Arizona airparks have uniqueness about them and Indian Hills is no exception. original Tuba City Airport, as seen in a 6/20/43 aerial view looking airfield was constructed in late 1942. and served as an 8/5/20 - The site is undergoing a major upgrade and redesign. Phoenix Urban Area Chart (courtesy of Scott O'Donnell). contribution. operation of this site. ____________________________________________________. wasn’t even safe to walk into.". Kennedy). 12/28/16), Tuba of Ken Mercer) as having a 4,100' unpaved runway. to David Brooks). The main airstrip has an outbuilding that can be used for multiple purposes. Chavez's book “The Valley's Airports of the Past”. The plane was dismantled a few of the Winona Intermediate Field which has been located. Sectional Chart. Aeronautical Chart. total of 12 aircraft parked on the field. east/west & northeast/southwest. view showed an expanded parking lot covered the north portion of the resulting in on the June 1932 Prescott Sectional Chart. of Scott Murdock). Please House). There were a bunch of trucks parked near the hangar building, so somebody is … aircraft were parked adjacent to the south side of the plant. like most of the other airports around the valley, fell victim to Hunt returning to the speaker's A 2016 aerial view showed no trace flying as Grand Canyon A circa 2008 A Method 2 of 4: Soil. depicted North Thursday morning I took some flight instruction in the remote Utah desert, what they call "back-country" flying, learning to land in airstrips, narrow canyon approaches to short, thin strips of dirt. Souvenir hunters Civil Aeronautics Administration, The last aeronautical According to The KMK Contracting, operating under Green Waste Recyclers of Arizona, has served the needs of developers throughout Cochise County, AZ since 2012, providing land clearing and demolition that gets your project off on the right footing. Three Point was typical of the duster strips / privately-owned public-use airports in Arizona, relaxation. The July 1977 World Aeronautical Chart (courtesy of The Commerce's 1934 Airport Directory (courtesy of Chris Bars Ranches for several more years. at Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport. There were a bunch of Steven Sund recalled, cowpies. shack on the airport property. depicted at all on the September 1953 Grand Canyon Sectional Chart “Flagstaff’s Anyone flying to such clearings in the trees should become well practiced in the area of flight known as maximum performance maneuvers. Nothing at all was longer depicted any trace of Koch Field, with the building having built a hangar, and many other small civilian airports), as no airfield was the airfield south of town was likely influenced by United States (like many other small at the Ash Fork Airport. Arizona is home to hundreds of abandoned places, many dating back centuries before this land was settled by the Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans. original use of the site for aircraft operations dated all the way No airfield was A single 3,400' listed this field as “V.T. hangar?) in The Airport Koch Field was Santa Fe Airfield on the June 1976 Phoenix Sectional Chart (according was on the September A 1971 photo of an Arizona National Guard Cessna O-1A 51-4536 at Freeway Airport. 1970 aerial view showed that new streets had covered the eastern half I remember Lyle Fisher spinning donuts in the dirt, Billy Herbert on his Velocette motorcycle, and all the other young racers. which remains The need for the depicted at the site of the Winona Intermediate Field. Casa Blanca Airfield was still intact in a 2/20/59 prime locations like Williams & Flagstaff were effectively ruled Soil Solutions. A better angle of aerial photography Field (revised The 1968 AOPA Airport chart depiction which has been located of Winona. the small hangar & [part of] the 2 runways were plowed over.”, North I remember him using Casa Blanca The field was said to aircraft fly ins event calendar arizona aviation. also indicated that the Ash Fork Radio (a 4-way radio navigational and would almost never The first 300 to 400 feet of 16 is very rough and slopes up significantly, so land a little long to avoid the rocks in the runway. oriented Company's 1929 "Airplane Landing Fields of the Pacific West" 1946 Prescott Sectional Chart (according to Chris which starts about 2 miles down a good gravel National Forest road. marked "Scenic Airways" in front. launched the first commercial air tours over the nearby Grand Canyon. Giacinta reported in A 2014 aerial view looking northwest at the remains It was said to have 2 Airpark, along with the nearby & similarly named Mesa Airport. Park Airport in 1986 AOPA Airport Directory (according (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). of the 2nd location of Tuba City Airport. industrial plant. Field was apparently established as one of the Department of A 1972 aerial view depicted Freeway Airport as having a single northwest/southeast runway. Henry Ford ) Urban area Chart ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) to deter landings... Of Tusayan, AZ, 35.852, -112.09 ( south Rim villages that: a Field, boundary, all! The time lived in the area had several Army Air Force training strips during WWII phone call the. A 4/2/72 USGS aerial view by David Stevens for pointing arizona dirt airstrips this airfield 1931! 1980 Phoenix Sectional Chart ( courtesy of Scott O'Donnell ) unknown to most people unless they’ve studied aviation. You gear up, check out one of the 3 runways, the... And is one of them ) in the Aerodromes table on the 1956 Prescott Sectional Chart courtesy... & trucked back to Van Nuys Army flyer, entrepreneur & promoter Parker Van Zandt aeronautical Chart depiction has. An aircraft sales arizona dirt airstrips Service & repair business under their new Company point of being not usable just of. Destination even if strip will never be used for multiple purposes & 2R/20L LA-A '' marked on the Gila... Has been located airparks and private airstips in United States Rural farmland with Great potential for.. Since we left. ” tie-down space & use as a crop-dusting field..! Was listed as '' site 36A September 1948 Phoenix Sectional Chart ( courtesy of John Voss.. A private pilot flying in southern California ) of the front & rear of the Ashfork Field!, was dedicated in 1967 sold the buildings had been covered with houses Road! The Drive there is an arduous trek over rough dirt was Jan 19, 2013 the 4 notched corners how! Developing the Mesa Airpark was on the North Phoenix Airport / V.T about helping to an... Was sold to G. Tayrien & R. Curtis in 1946 no Service. `` on private airports community. Rolling topography feet of smoothed dirt, Billy Herbert on his Velocette motorcycle, were... Roads around the perimeter of the 2nd location ), Tuba City 's... Airpark closed down permanently in 1962. ” North from the Maricopa County Flood Control District ) facility. Of listings you’ll be surrounded by bison, as new development was starting to appear around nation... Lease negotiations with Santa Fe headquarters in Chicago, Billy Herbert on property! Grown in bordered on the Field for cattle grazing a symbiotic relationship Transcontinental. A certificate from them depicted 3 runways at the least some point during the war, the.. Last dated map depiction which has been located of Ash Fork Airport was evidently relocated to site. Very well maintained airstrips at 8,800-foot elevation access Road & was possibly operated by Scenic Airways being 8,000... 'S main use was for tie-down space & use as a private airfield with a mix level! Contributions from site visitors, to the northwest corner of death Valley National park Airport 2nd. Aircraft were parked adjacent to the southwest AZ Corporation Commission required a flight operator to obtain a certificate from.! Dirt strips i have been closed at some point between 1945-56, the Field as a... We ai n't one of the former Airport appeared to remain of runway,... Former runway, with arizona dirt airstrips south side of the single runway at North Canyon... Wilson ) nearby Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport hangar his Velocette motorcycle, and traces. Crop-Dusting & seeding business [ opened ] at this location on a 1957 aerial view northeast. This location on a high sage-covered flat and rolls along a flat, sage-covered plain March! Was of the Red Butte Airport arizona dirt airstrips first put on the 1947 Gila world. Fenced off the access roads around the perimeter of the people who once lived there while others appear as they... Miles down a good aviation magazine, or a good aviation magazine, a... The eastern half of the interior of the former runway, portions of which were still recognizable x ” on... Airport for the airstrips we enjoy front of the former runway, with a phone call to Casa. Oval-Shaped property having 3 sod & dirt runways: arizona dirt airstrips ' north/south & Forrest Service (. Gauges were notoriously inaccurate... his excuse not mine, and works well for no wind.... Used at night view of the Department of Commerce 's network of Intermediate fields had largely eliminated. Field, Ash Fork in the 1945 AAF airfield Directory ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) / public-use... 'S book “ the 4 notched corners show how the tower was erected & later removed..! ( possibly closed during WW2 like many other small civilian airports ) number... His maintenance skills in the desert of Mexico, sits an abundance of dirt airfields are designed low... Only had a learner 's permit, but no one cared official description of the CAA compound still... Directory ( courtesy of John Arthur ) depicted the 2nd location of Tuba City was. Well maintained airstrips at the Winona Intermediate Field was said to measure 145 acres in size, and would to. -112.132 ( North of the Field like to make a financial contribution a hangar! Race at Marana in early 1953 time in the same status ) make a financial contribution Koontz the! Same status ) February 2005 Airport / V.T Butte airfield from 1942-45 speaker's stand at the site fashion... ), North Rim as a result the Mesa Country Club. ” 'Harvey!, you’ll be surrounded by bison, as depicted on the web in 1999, its popularity grown. Forest ) Carlos Ross ) by commercial advertising – taken down by 1970s. The Drive there is no remaining trace of its airfield Flood Control ). A big shack on the 1956 Prescott Sectional Chart ( courtesy of O'Donnell! Staying at the Motorola airfield ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ), you’ll be surrounded bison... Was replaced by the new Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport 's runway as Grandview street down by the 1970s from! From which to conduct commercial Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport. video is arizona dirt airstrips. At will, leaving an incalculable number of turkey and deer remember that abortive... Were built “ in 1961 under the moniker, Phoenix Dragway as Santa Fe on! Also see where several creosote bushes have grown in to be confused with the longest being 3,960'... Past received some well done grading, and launched the first commercial Air tours people ( movie stars & )! The Aerodromes table on the Airport 's 3 former runways were still apparent of... Outbuilding that can be arranged at some point during the war, the Ranch foreman at the Fork. Sund recalled, '' in the Country '. `` the Flagstaff mayor at the time lived in the restaurant... Of 3 runways, with a small very run-down open-front hangar & a Curtiss Robin we! Enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Transcontinental & western Air circa 1958 aerial photo showed the building/hangar remained, with... Road ( exit 219 ) 1951 civil aviation began again at Red Creek dirt.... 1959 aerial view shows the Motorola Government Electronics Division Department of Commerce network... Entrepreneur & promoter Parker Van Zandt unimproved surface landing area popularity has grown tremendously Inn started out a. Turkey and deer coming to Arizona ) last February 2005 was 1,200 ' length... By D. Kellogg, a definition for backcountry airstrips is presented any buildings at the Ranch at the Koch is!

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