limitations of work study

These limitations can appear due to constraints on methodology or research design. //--> (ii) The approach is simple, systematic, consistent and based on handling of facts. The secret to writing the results and discussion section of a manuscript, 5 Differences between the results and discussion sections. Clear descriptions of limitations of a study also show that the researcher has a holistic understanding of his/her study. For example, major limitations include the scope of the research; the ages, races or genders of participants; unknown factors, such as existing medical conditions; and researcher bias. You do not control the setting in which the data is collected, so camera position could be suboptimal. The case study offers a means of investigating complex social units consisting of multiple variables of potential importance in understanding the phenomenon. Therefore, listing the limitations of your study reflects honesty and transparency and also shows that you have a complete understanding of the topic. 2002— Everything a beginner needs to know about academic publishing, How to create an outline for your research paper, How to write the most effective results and discussion sections. No student may work more than 37.5 hours per week at any time. Could you have used another means or method of data collection? //-->

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