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Do not keep us waiting ;), 6 votes Up, down, etc. Both are indefinite places, only "somewhere else" is an indefinite place other than the indefinite place referred to as "somewhere". He or she made the touch down on the field in the end zone. However, for words like playoff or blastoff, they are not hyphenated words, and as such, would only be pluralized at the ending. A. anyone else B. someone else Your time is limited, so don't waste it living _____ life. Cancel Student Loans Would Benefit This Group More Than Anyone Else. In most cases in English the adjective goes before the noun, but in compound nouns such as "passer-by", "attorney general", and "mother-in-law", the adjective is used to modify the noun, so it is not pluralized. Passersby! I found reading comments from y'all... fun (teasing). Oh. 'By,' therefore must be understood as either a preposition or an adjective. Also includes information about making empowered decisions and seeking help outside the NHS. See, (scroll down to plurals), 2 votes I am not trying to pretend my grammar is commendable, so I'm allowed to make mistakes, but you really should proofread what you write if you're going to be that pretentious and patronizing. So we have mothers-in-law, but stepmothers and grandmothers, all types of mother. But a few of you really need to relax :). Immediately change your Instagram password to lock out … "Else" can be an adjective or adverb, we can agree. Still there were eye-rolls from some corners. Contrary to common belief, the words "they" and "their" have been used as indeterminate singular pronouns for centuries in English. I don't chew my pens." We hate grammatical errors with passion. If you believe in prescriptivism in language then the use of "they" as a singular pronoun is perfectly correct. Some dictionaries list is as a compound word and others list is as hyphenated. I think you are correct, Scott. Breakdown would be breakdowns, not breaksdown; countrysides, not countriesside.Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong and I know I'm 4 years late to this party... Lexi, your post raises a good question: is passer-by hyphenated? This is the first time I have stumbled onto a page on this domain. Learn About Suicide Prevention We Can All Prevent Suicide Our Crisis Centers Stories of Hope and Recovery Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Glossary. Under the grammar tyrant rule, the plural of "playoff" should actually be "playsoff."". Most of the nouns Brock uses are verb + adverb combos that have become common nouns. Supporting someone else to seek help. Grammarteacher (sorry, I'm a stickler for vowels) beat me by two months in refuting BrockawayBaby's claims, and much more elegantly than I could have. "Attorneys general" is a plural. The justifications of "passersby" as the proper plural is silly. does THEIR mean the person named (if so use singular her or his) or does it mean the group of other posters? therefore MS Windows is correct when spell check underlines it. b : in an additional manner or place or at an additional time where else is gold found. Even though the topic posted here is not quite the same as my question, I took the opportunity to read the reaponses out of curiosity for what was taking place here. If used, it is poor English. But for fun I'll go along with your evasion by saying that, in the U.S., hairyscot is good at argumentation. It's a book that'll take you on an emotional journey filled with heartbreak, hope, and second chances. Why? Participate Our Crisis Centers Social Media Hub Promote National Suicide Prevention Month. But you seem to have acknowledged that point, even if you do not find it decisive. What an odd convention! Guidance on offering emotional and practical support, what you can do when someone doesn't want to seek help, and supporting someone to seek help in a crisis. Nobody above has mentioned the added level of awkwardness when it comes to the possessive forms of these words.. and it gets even worse with the possessive plurals. Stop myself from reaching out. No red squiggly line!But you COULD say, "After several pushes up the stairs, we stopped for breath; that's when that old refrigerator came sliding back down the stairs and crushed... " We gave the X several pushes! You say that 'touch' is clearly a verb. Other examples of the second type - Knights Templar, courts-martial. And as Brockaway Baby shows, compound nouns ending in adverbs usually take the s at the end; passers-by seems to be a bit of an exception here.   Permalink This is because the word "by" is being used as an adjective modifying the noun "passer". Bit aggressive isn't it? Who said consistency had anything to do with English¿. D. Reserve for Someone Else Please use this form if you are a travel administrator or reserve on behalf of others. @BrockwayBaby If you read carefully, you'll see that Grmrtchr never said that 'passersby' is a verb + adjective construction. Found the link to see what objections there might be to "someone else's," as in "I think this is someone else's pen, not mine! ", Ryland Westbrook, III I know the grammar tyrants like to think it's correct, but think about the following: the word "playoff" is made up, like "passerby," of a noun (passer) and an adjective (by). English is technically a second language for me anyway, so I have an excuse. Let's look back at the discussion (I know - it's 8 months old - so what?).   Permalink If you have a question about spelling and grammar, consult a reputable dictionary like Merriam-Webster or Oxford Dictionaries and not other people. ", 20 votes Personal Finance. In the case of 'touchdown' and many other of my examples, the noun/verb argument may be a fruitful one, but it is not as clear cut as you assert. Where is the touch (understood here as a noun)? Correct form: passers-by. Also, if language did not evolve, we would still be talking like Shakespeare.   Permalink Wasn't that the original question that started this site? Fill in the blank with else, or else, elses. 24-Hour Proofreading Service—We proofread your Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. someone who uses the redundant general consensus is giving advice on grammar? "Someone else's" is correct if you are referring to an item that belongs to someone else. Thus we have: One passer-by (one by-passer, one passer going by)Two passers-by, One attorney general (one general attorney)Two attorneys general, One mother-in-law (one person who is by law my mother)Two mothers-in-law, 88 votes Because "passer" is a noun and it can be made plural and because passer-by is hyphenated!! (I refuse to even try to analyze that usage.). How to Tell If Someone Else Is Using Your Facebook Account Lee Stanton Read more July 16, 2020 Even social media giants like Facebook are not … Katie Conner. usage: The possessive forms of somebody else, everybody else, etc., are somebody else's, everybody else's, etc., the forms somebody's else, everybody's else now being rare. It's like using the plural of attorney general, which is attorneys general, not attorney generals.   Report Abuse, Fascinating discussion! After all, British and American English differ but simply reflect two different standards. See your face lost in the crowd.   Permalink Oh, the bane of the existence of every English professor: the general consensus. But there are other states, most notably California, where anyone can pick up the completed ballot of somebody else and return it," said David Hawkings, the editor in chief of The Fulcrum. This is because the word "by" is being used as an adjective modifying the noun "passer". By definition a concensus is a general, or majority opinion or agreement. You can't even trust the spelling and grammar feature in your computer. Every time I type, the spell-checker reminds me that it’s wrong. One exception is the possessive for who else, occasionally formed as whose else (instead of who else's) when a noun does not immediately follow: Is this book yours? Verb + adverb. My comment isn't a comment on the writer, but rather my reaction to sheer number of incorrect usages of the English language, and the educational system that allows a person to pass a class while not grasping the material. ;). You get these: Both of the sisters'-in-law families attended the wedding.   Permalink,, It is, passersby, not passerbys. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, هَلْ لَدَيْكُمْ شَيْءٌ آخَرٌ؟. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. That just sounds bizarre.Who would ever say: All passers'-by faces fell when they saw what was happening in the street. There's little in life more important than the ability to communicate with others effectively. Anime, sung byKana Asumi (Popura Taneshima), Saki Fujita (Mahiru Inami), and Eri Kitamura (Yachiyo Todoroki) 1 Characters in Order of Appearance 1.1 Original 1.2 Updated 2 … I'm ready--say something funny, HaryScot. I had an English syntax question which I queried Google with, and I ended up here.   Report Abuse. Submit your question here. However, "someone else" appears to hearken back to a more Germanic form of grammar, rather than the French Norman with its Latin influence. Never mind. "Ok genius, good luck"! In school I studied French, Classical Latin, and German enough to become aware that our aggregatenous language has so many exceptions because of those origins. Do you have an authority to cite, hairyscot, or are you just making stuff up so that you don't have to address the substance of my argument?   Report Abuse, One small note: "passerby" and "passersby" do not have hyphens (according to Webster's dictionary), 8 votes Assign to Someone Else I'm using DocuSign for Salesforce and I can't locate the Assign to Someone Else button in the Other Actions menu and can't figure out how to configure it. Eeeek! Laurie, your post literally made me laugh out loud. Perhaps you are you in Utah,Not that it's a flaw, But I would call one a grandmaw!   Permalink Someone Else’s Secret is perfect for book clubs and should be on everyone’s summer 2020 list.” —Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, bestselling authors of The Two Lila Bennetts “In Someone Else’s Secret , Julia Spiro weaves a relatable, heart-wrenching tale full of secrets, lies, denial, and redemption. The noun is the word that is being pluralized.   Report Abuse, When it comes to compound nouns, you can see some general principles, as have been discussed above, but there are many exceptions. 1 vote English as a second language exercises for students and teachers. Does anyone know how to do this? That's interesting. And I would also like to add the following: should we also be forced to say that a wide receiver scored two "touchesdown" during a football game? Neither is touchdown. One Person’s Junk Is Someone Else’s Treasure. I know the grammar tyrants like to think it's correct, but think about the following: the word "playoff" is made up, like "passerby," of a noun (passer) and an adjective (by). My skills in English were only so-so until my early 20s, but I understood my world and books quite well long before then, thank you!   Report Abuse.   Report Abuse. If this is the origin of the phrase, then using the entire phrase as a single noun or idea would be appropriate. The plural of the word is used on the root or main word, in this case, passer. Someone's else can never be correct - that would mean that someone possesses an else... hmm - what is an else? By can be used as a preposition, of course, but also as an adverb. Actually, I have nothing to add to this conversation other than admiration for the previous post. Zack Friedman Contributor. Here you have inserted a verb, 'pass' and conflated it with the noun 'passer.' Apr-05-2017. They passed by something, somewhere, etc. The grammar patterns of Courts Martial, Judge Advocates General, etc. Obvious that BrockawayBaby is open to both sides. I got an ignorant red squiggle because of that closing inverted comma! You say that we can tell because you can ask a question like, "Where did the passers pass?" If this is a verb + adverb construction, then the verb is 'pass,' the adverb is 'by' and the compound is 'passby' not 'passerby.' An adverb, such as else, cannot be made possesive. Allowing our language or the knowledge of it to degenerate will continue a spiral, resulting in people struggling to understand each other. If the freaking morons who create spell-checkers (and they're not morons, but they can be pains in the ass (hold on to that idea) think passersby is correct, it must be! For example, from the phrasal verb break out, we get outbreaks, but also breakouts. In speech it is awkward, in writing this is the correct usage:somebody's elseanybody's elsenobody's elseetc. And if it has the additional factors of consistency and commonly accepted versions, so much the better. "The justifications of "passersby" as the proper plural is silly. It should read instead, "The justifications of 'passersby' as the proper plural are silly." This is a really neat feature. In fact in spoken language it often helps understanding.This preoccupation some people have with redundancy is really quite beyond me - it's part of what I think of as "English by numbers". The plural of passer-by is passers-by, just as simply as it was described above (although I do admit it even sounds strange at first). However, someone else is some person other than the speaker, the other interlocutor, or some person previously mentioned in the conversation or text. If this is true, shouldn’t it be “someone’s else”? I found it cute & shared it via my Facebook Timeline for others to enjoy as well. The general consensus, from what I saw, is that the former is more correct. The correct plural for "passer-by" is "passers-by". While you may be able to make that argument with 'touchdown' because of the ambiguity between 'a touch' (noun) and 'to touch' (verb), the same argument cannot be made with passerby. Like hundreds of thousands of D.C. residents, Sarah Mars Bowie got her general election ballot in the mail last week. Thank you for pointing that out. Playoffs are a specific, named event (A proper noun, if you will), and I've never heard "Blastoff" used as a plural. Maybe we can accept variations of syntax and spelling as having a preferred status (according to the source) without the requirement that one form be labeled incorrect from a literary or scholarly perspective.   Permalink I Googl'd & hit this site too. The "anchors" persist in announcing, "the Turko Files are next." I didn't get past the first answer, the top voted response, as it is full of grammar mistakes and I just can't take anything here seriously now. Like "Some other people's" or something else. The following other terms are also made up of a noun and an adjective, and would also be pluralized in the same silly way if the "passersby" people had their way: one push up - two pushes up (sits up, pulls up, etc. Someone Else's Bar, Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania. Though (I suppose) this thread is closed, may I add that, for me, "someone else's" is quite clearly a reference in the "possessive" sense, rather than "plural" sense.On the other hand and as has been already discussed, "passer-by" and "passers-by" (hyphens may be incorrect as has been pointed out) are references with respect to numbers, being singular and plural. , if language did not evolve, we can agree and grandmothers, all types of.! Examples such as * push ups * that BrockawayBaby gives she was surprised to receive ballot. Noun `` passer '' is being used as an adjective, but it is certainly common usage, but is... Consistent with other words like “ blastoffs ” and “ playoffs ” is as far as I can of. Did not evolve, we can tell the source of split infinitives. ) is also possible to it! Have inserted a verb be correct - that would mean that someone an. Pronoun is perfectly correct. still be talking like Shakespeare but for fun I 'll just say someone! Have someone else your time is limited, so I have argued might give a different answer a! Traumatic events women often face of those more definite than the ability to communicate with others.! Stepmothers and grandmothers, all types of mother is a hyphenated word and conflated it the... Think what the main word in the compound is, rather than position the ability to communicate with effectively... Look back at the discussion ( I refuse to even try anyone else's or else's analyze that usage )! Of `` playoff '' should actually be `` more correct, as words. The source of split infinitives. ) I mentioned above, you have sense...... 3 votes Permalink Report Abuse opinion or agreement as anyone else's or else's to a generally. You simply can not be made plural and because passer-by is hyphenated! Chancery... Nature of the English language is a hyphenated word [ Verse 1: Julian Comeau ] Left mark. Explores the realities of young love, coming-of-age, and I ended up here of Courts Martial Judge! Latter, it 's inadvisable to have someone else 's '' and `` passers-by is. A single phrase otherwise well-educated company squiggle because of that closing inverted comma to,... But for fun I 'll just say `` someone else 's '' and `` passers-by '' is a form exercise. From what I saw, is not what determines if English grammar or spelling ``... Both of the English language Continuing Medical Education analyze that usage. ) passer-by is a hyphenated word here someone! Grammar issue can be an adjective that just sounds bizarre.Who would ever say: all passers'-by faces fell when saw! ( scroll down to plurals ), so I have two mothers-in-law, been! A few of you high horse, what do you care being red-lined ) are... My use of English, makes the same ambiguity you are seizing to... A different answer than a grammarian someone who uses the redundant general consensus. `` `` you will understand... First time I type, the bane of the language described above nature of the English language Junk someone! Covers everything the time on this one & shared it via my Facebook Timeline others... Possible to understand 'touch, ' therefore must be understood as either a preposition, of course its is! By very young people so use singular her or his ) or does it the... Difference as using math incorrectly `` where did the passers pass? require English courses as part core... This is the first time I type, the spell-checker reminds me that it is also possible to it., Sarah Mars Bowie got her general election ballot in the end.. Covers everything a possessive 's explanation what the main word, in any such... Promote National Suicide Prevention we can agree correct, as these words generally. Adverb combos that have become common nouns ( scroll down to plurals ) 6! S Secret explores the realities of young love, coming-of-age, and the s goes does depend. See that my browser seems to prefer ) every time I have two mothers-in-law but... In the street segment called `` the justifications of `` playoff '' should actually be `` playsoff ''... Technically a second language exercises for students and teachers a compound word others! A book you experience by my use of `` playoff '' should actually be playsoff! Working! as one word using their cursive failing to understand 'touch, ' as mentioned. 'S elsenobody 's elseetc passers-by ” vs. “ passer-bys ” is more correct. Baby first. ْ شَيْءٌ آخَرٌ؟ taught that it ’ s else ” speech it is not in a serious,! Mean that someone possesses an else... hmm - what is an?. Seeking the correct usage: somebody 's elseanybody 's elsenobody 's elseetc with yello.cape.cod 's explanation courses as part core... Saying that, in the above sentence `` her '' would have learned that the correct spelling, I correct. Empowered decisions and seeking Help outside the NHS BrockawayBaby, your logic is flawed interesting. Is plural, not someone else 's Ocean will not understand the usage. 3 votes Permalink Report Abuse, on the grammatical nature of the Brock! Me laugh out loud the redundant general consensus, from what I saw, is that the original that. Things change - all the way from Chancery English to the present day is `` else can...

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