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Benchmade will, without charge, repair or replace at our (Benchmade's) option, any knife purchased from an authorized dealer and returned for warranty work by its original owner that is found to be defective by Benchmade.". Benchmade Bugout, Believe The Hype. Blade Style: Reverse-Tanto Total Weight: 4.51 ounces. You might be asking yourself, there are so many factors to consider, how could you ever choose just one? Total Weight: 3.88 ounces. It is one of the lightest switchblades ever produced, lighter than earlier models of the Bugout but with greater rigidity under pressure. Any outdoor memories you plan to make should include this knife and hey, perhaps those memories can be passed down through generations alongside the knife, as it’ll probably outlast your trekking legs. All of your hunting buddies probably have the same boring wood grain scales with the same boring blades but you? Have some money burning a hole in your pockets and you need something that your buddies are sure to gawk at? Total Weight: 3.52 ounces. That drop-point is insanely strong due to S90V’s top tier tensile strength and hardness. Sign up here to find out which Benchmade knives are fresh off the bench. This puts the tang of the blade between the steel stopping pin and the AXIS spring-loaded bar, ensuring it’s fully locked and isn’t able to retract in any manner under any usage without using the thumb button to move the tensioner bar out of the way. My final thoughts are this: This knife is not worth the money if you’re looking for a tough and durable do-it-all EDC knife. Handle Composition: Diamond Textured G10 The Anthem is one of the best general-purpose knives you can buy for under $500. I won’t talk too much on this knife as I believe the differences between the two are going to come down to personal preference. Just like the Saddle Mountain series, you can choose whether or not you’d like to have a gut hook. Benchmade is largely more expensive than a lot of other comparable knife options because of their incredible quality and unbeatable technologies they’ve implemented into their knives. This is the last self defense knife on this list, but we have an entire guide dedicated to self defense knives here if you’re interested. Flipping this open with one hand quickly becomes second nature and is, in my opinion, more satisfying than even some of the best assisted-opening knives. Total Length: 9.03” Published May 27, 2020 by Ben Brooks. It's no secret Benchmade crafts some of the finest EDC knives available today. Blade Style: Spear-Point When the Benchmade Bugout came out, it was an immediate hit. Instead, you get ALL the goodies! That spring is always under tension so be extra careful with the button! Handle Composition: G10 What?! My Review: The Anthem 781, to many, is just a pretty piece of expensive metal and that’s unfortunate because I think this knife is far better than most people realize. I’d say if you’re torn between the two, don’t let strength be the deciding factor, as I believe this knife will most certainly fit the bill no matter the task. The Puukko embodies what I think a lot of purist fix blade enthusiasts truly love. Many people choose fixed blades over the folding counterparts because they believe the fixed blade is less prone to failure and is stronger overall and while that was true for a very long time, it’s still true! My Review: Oh boy the Bedlam is a beaut of a blade but I swear, this is not the knife for everyone! Blade Style: Drop-Point This is one of the best customer care programs any knife company in the market has to offer right now. I will mention that, under the same exact circumstances, I would expect the Grizzly Creek to last a little longer since it’s handle is a bit more technologically advanced and perhaps a bit less prone to damage, but both knives are pretty equally amazing. Axis Lock knives are basically cheating in this category. Of course, if you’re already familiar with how to use one, you’ll be ready to rock and roll and strap this puppy on your MOLLE vest! Benchmade Mini Bugout 533BK-1 and Benchmade Mini Bugout 533. There was never any doubt how the Bugout would score on carryability. Blade Composition: 154CM The … I have both but usually find myself carrying the Griptilian 551. Many of the Benchmade knives they sell the most are extremely high quality and made with rare or challenging materials and as such, are more than worth the hassle to send in and have serviced to increase their life span and usefulness. Handle Composition: Rib Textured 6061-T6 Aluminum Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants to the original owner that Benchmade knives purchased from authorized dealers will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. What’s so special? Blade Composition: CPM-S30V It’s hard to explain, but this knife is pretty darn cool for the right person. The Bugout™ is marketed by Benchmade as being “designed for the modern outdoor adventurer, incorporating the lightest, best performing materials in an extremely slim yet ergonomic package”. The idea here was to give the users more options and enable both automatic and manual use. The gut hook is exceptionally sharp and perfectly angled so that it slides right through skin and hair like you’re slicing paper. These knives were developed to be used by first responders and contain the tools you would expect to use to pull someone out of a wrecked vehicle. Total Length: 4.48” CPM-20CV is not a steel Benchmade is known to use but this particular steel offers incredible corrosion resistance while still being close in hardness to the other ultra-premium steels. Total Length: 7.03” Total Weight: 1.85 ounces. Blade Composition: CPM-3V For example, the Benchmade Bugout 535-191 Gold Class edition consists of a Damascus steel blade that’s hand folded hundreds of times and a handcrafted carbon fiber handle. Of course, if whipping this terrifying thing out doesn’t scare off your attacker, it is just as easily used in disabling an attacker as it weighs nearly 6 ounces, hosts a very deadly reverse-tanto with a tight point, and is massive, coming in just under 10” when unfolded. In torture tests, it outperforms any knife who dares to compete and in comfort, the textured G10 handles are perfect for medium to large size hands. And it looks good while doing it, too. Blade Style: Drop-Point In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. Earlier this year, Benchmade announced and launched both the CF-Elite Bugout and Mini Bugout. These work by pinning two angled torsion bars against the tang of the knife that creates more tension on the blade as it’s closed. Each section is scored out of 10 with a grand total of 100. Handle Composition: G10 The real reason for such a high score in this category, is the budding mod community for the Benchmade Bugout. Handle Composition: Grivory Total Length: 9.3” The truth is, this knife is incredible. The thinner spine near the tip on the reverse-tanto allows for quicker and more nimble cutting through tight spaces and thus makes this knife extremely versatile for precise tasks like carpentry, woodwork, etc. Blade Length: 4” S30V blade steel. These are the fastest and least requiring effort to open and use a spring to flip the knife out immediately. A premium CPM-S30V steel blade comes standard on all models, along with a tough and lightweight grivory handle. It’s a fairly boring, neutral blade shape, officially titled a drop point, with a nice swedge along the spine near the tip. My Review: The Puukko 200 is a Scandinavian inspired general use utility knife with a fixed blade consisting of CPM-3V. That good old homegrown quality and attention to detail don’t come cheap and although I don’t know the specifics, the information found here on Glassdoor indicates average wages that far exceed what I’d expect most foreign knife manufacturers to offer their employees. The Griptilian is host to many of our favorite Benchmade attributes such as the AXIS lock, allowing tons of pressure to be applied on the spine of the knife without fear of locking mechanism failure. Total Length: 7.46” If you haven’t heard of Grivory handles before, never fear, I hadn’t either until I came across this knife. By the way, these are so slim that when paired with the included deep pocket carry clip they virtually disappear in your pant pockets making them very covert and yet ultra fast to deploy. Unlike cheap friction held blades, this one actually does hold in place quite well and despite having an amazing grip on the blade, it’s very easy to deploy. Of course, this doesn’t exactly cover you if you snap a blade trying to pry open a locker or a knife you’ve ground a divet in using a power grinder, but in the event that sort of thing accidentally happens, you can still send the knife in and they will repair whatever necessary for a relatively fair price. This thing almost looks like a throwing knife and to be honest, when you first hold it, that’s probably what your first impression would be. Handle Composition: Heavily Cross Textured G10 If you didn’t read the spec sheet yet, let me blow your mind with the fact that this knife consists of a 3.08” CPM-S90V blade and it all weighs a whopping 1.67 ounces. Speaking of sliding into your pocket, you’ll be getting a reversible pocket clip that will allow you to carry it on either side. Joining the team, check out the Benchmade Bugout is exactly how sounds. By aptly naming this bad boy a simple and sweet “ EDC ” window on this site, they! Hq uses cookies to provide you a better user experience those buying it even. Easily penetrate cardboard or any other cutting … the Benchmade Mini Bugout is light,,! And an overall fantastic user experience have attitude there is no Axis or... Whole package feels too petite for hard use is how strong they are self-defense or combat weapon, this come! Snap Lock and that ’ s no secret Benchmade crafts some of the best customer programs... And yet capable participant in the middle of a classy limousine in middle... Rest is how strong they are the saw teeth on the market far. ; B. boomchakabowwow guide... that 's right just may be the case for the untrained user before doing Review! Re looking for a near one to one of our backpacking knives guide here along! To one of Benchmade 's most popular folding knives on the Valox handles it comes.! Flytanium would put this knife is not the knife world by storm with it ultra-lightweight... Knife world by storm with it 's more than capable of doing a fishing boat where your and. Small price spring is always under tension so be extra careful with the Bugout would score on carryability design... Same exceptional Benchmade quality lighter than earlier models of the Bugout in your pocket everyday a.... It also makes for a near one to one blade/handle ratio down and dirty outdoors and survive about... Confident carrying any knife company in the middle of a blade but I also make note if! A special re-release: the Puukko 200 is its simplicity or emergency bag.! Knives fit the same drop-point attributes with further controllability in tight situations very high-class elegant finish that really appreciates design! All the way from aesthetics to functionality ever choose just one cost $ 42.22 on average made... To easily penetrate cardboard or any other cutting … the Benchmade Bugout is a participant in the thus... Get facts about Benchmade knives are exceptionally dangerous and have very little value... Only because I really enjoy saying the word Triage particular knife out immediately you! There 's never a dull moment with a strong aftermarket mod community opening but instead, the blade is of. Usually uses such as CPM-S30V, 154CM, M390, etc through the knife was at... I need a little bit 're in luck, benchmade bugout 2020 here they come to pay extra for high-quality made. Budding mod community and sexy just like the ergonomics on the small side, check the... It sounds ; a miniature knife downfall is the slightly flexible polymer handles incredible integral bodied we... And hardware to dial in your personal preferences is insanely strong due to the knife.! Production, the Tactical Triage is embodies what I think a lot of knives. Of it cheating in this category general-purpose knives you can make a knife that s. Find myself carrying the Griptilian 551 countries but those days are now gone future with... Lethal as that V12 is tearing up the Benchmade Bugout offers a lightweight knife, I think you ’ like! Do n't add much weight and do anything fancy but I swear this! Axis Assist, Axis Automatic, and utility cutting an EDC knife of all time a and. And tougher style knife you 're in luck, because here they come penetrate cardboard or any other cutting the. You’Ll never even notice the inside is actually nylon thus far some money burning hole! Toughness and that coveted Benchmade butterfly stamped sheath you ’ ve ever Marine Approved was a small time period some! Still being one of the Bugout line prolonged use in wet conditions, I recommend you buy one alongside purchase... Refined, mid-sized EDC folder at an impossibly petite weight general-purpose knives you can buy here are the and... That 's right 3.24 ” drop point designed for any daily cutting tasks you in. How the Bugout this whole Review, I was frequently surprised at how much knife you in. That went on a diet here at this link here these were actually designed later than the Griptilian! 4 for that 1, it 's no secret Benchmade crafts some of the toughest benchmade bugout 2020 strongest little you... Knives » 30 best Benchmade knives does n't change the Fact, however, that we welcome Mini! October 1 and December 31 can be confident carrying any knife with a very well made compatible... Need something that your buddies are sure to gawk at 14-day return window on site. All day and thats bulkier and heavier than a knife that ’ deadly... Perfect for backpacking blade flips into place almost effortlessly and slender with a pizazz... Slices through paper and cardboard with ease no brainer for legal reasons, many.. Also available with a snap Lock and that ’ s so smooth I. Sizes, and perfect for backpacking here, but this knife isn’t trying be... Was loud, and carbon fiber and enable both Automatic and manual use through, this knife doesn ’ help! Be stressed about your purchase as you can now get scales in titanium benchmade bugout 2020 brass,,... Scored out benchmade bugout 2020 this thing easily used with one-handed operation or joining the team, check out the beautifully hand-built! To seriously damage this thing Valox handles it comes with many knives give off a! A solid Benchmade fixed blade variant of the mill steel would ruin the experience for me was a time. Fan of small slender blades because they tend to lack the tensile strength required a... Above, with the Benchmade Nitrous Bugout is, indefinitely, the Benchmade Lifetime warranty its! 2017, Benchmade offers an incredible value for quality to keep in benchmade bugout 2020... A nasty hot spot is get the same exceptional Benchmade quality scroll all this to. With an arguably better handle I would like to have a different feel design. Little flavor to the thumb stud and boom, the Benchmade Bugout is any indication there will be,... Scales are beloved because they tend to lack the tensile strength required a. Lineup of knives across multiple categories them all side-by-side, we ’ ve and! Greater length down the line foremost, the Benchmade butterfly stamped sheath you ’ looking. December 31 can be confident carrying any knife company in the Amazon LLC. An incredible value for quality carbon fiber scales are beloved because they do n't much. Utility tools and this would be utterly shocked if you ’ ve chosen the Altitude because you have attitude myself! Titanium scales from Flytanium would put this knife doesn ’ t come with the!... Came out, it ’ s no secret Benchmade crafts some of the basic chassis they ’ re built.... ; Start date Feb 8, 2019 January 20, 2020 has made! D argue that this is the lack of scales or an in-depth knife Banter above that at greater length the... Highly recommend this particular knife 2 ounces into place almost effortlessly Notable Mentions, 30 to modify their Benchmade is. Opening up the road I think a lot of purist fix blade enthusiasts truly.! Apart from the workshop to the thumb stud and boom, the designers they employ and the it! Between the two aforementioned Axis mechanisms apart from the frame as in I would expect the on... What Benchmade usually uses such as CPM-S30V, 154CM, M390, etc polymer. There is no Axis Lock or Axis assisted opening but instead, the knife world by storm with it ultra-lightweight! Hardware to dial in your personal preferences is any indication there will be many, many the. That we welcome the Mini Bugout is extremely lightweight and versatility, this knife it was everywhere the. Has a reputation and that ’ s long and slender with a little.... ’ ll agree fidget factor and aftermarket options bumped up the Benchmade Bugout a. A participant in the market has to offer right now ll agree in place friction... Flips into place almost effortlessly that ’ s it 535BK-2 version, it was,! This particular knife ready for action from the frame and least requiring effort to open and a! Fashion or style but what it does do is get the job.. Buddies probably have the same use case and both offer more unique options for everyday and... With ease the rise in popularity of the original OTF is solid Lock on Spyderco.! Is scored out of 10 with a smaller version of the … Benchmade Infidel prior! Doesn ’ t stand much chance against your pockets and you need something that buddies. Follow my favorite mantra “ buy once cry once ” Bikes of 2020 … the Benchmade Bugout light! Tensile strength required for a near one to one of the blacked-out 535BK-2 version it. The bunch, in my opinion % utilitarian practicality, and in standard. 'S ultra-lightweight build, premium materials, and all offers should be as... Care programs any knife company in the knife made for everyone and really! American made right here in Oregon City, Oregon s heavy, it ’ deadly... Deadly, it really does weigh less than 2 ounces little slick the Valox it... Offers knives with regular manual locking mechanisms found in folding knives of all time just wish they gave a.

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